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Personal Testimonies

Brandy Emory Parker -

A Step Above Dance Academy is a wonderful dance studio that not only teaches dance steps, but also teaches their young ladies confidence, respect, and gives them life tools to carry with them. The teachers are Godly ladies who love what they do. I am blessed to have them in my daughters life!

Elizabeth Trevino Gibson -Only 2 years of Dance but a great environment to learn and a great team of teachers, Ms. Angie has built an amazing team and culture!

Haylie Tysinger —  Best dance studio!


Kimberlee Davis — ASADA is the best dance school. Ms. Angie treats her students with so much respect and really makes them feel like family. We are proud to be part of ASADA!!



K.D. Allnatt-  I have watched company classes and I have watched just about every age in between- the common thread in all the classes is that Angie teaches the children that it’s not about being the “winner” or the ‘best”.  It’s about doing YOUR best and praising the Lord with your actions and attitude.  I could not imagine either of my daughters dancing for anyone else.  No one else could/would love them and pray for them the way Ms. Angie does!  I have also had the distinct pleasure of walking up on a group of girls huddled together as Ms. Angie prayed over them before going on stage!  Talk about walking what you talk!  She is truly a blessing! And WE are honored to be a part of her dance family!


 Chris Brice-"We love A Step Above!  Angie and Sarah are amazing teachers who have taught my daughter to be a beautiful dancer.  I love all the classes they offer to help her work on her technique!  I also love the wonderful friends she has made and all the fun get togethers!"



Joan Waddell — ASADA is a fabulous dance studio! Ms. Angie teaches dance steps in a way that truly gives each student a great dance foundation. Then she adds her award winning choreography!! Each student learns not only dance but team work and pride in personal achievement. Love ASADA!!


Ashley Baur — Ms. Angie is not only an amazing dance instructor, but also an incredible teacher of confidence, discipline and respect. She made such an impact in my life and I am so grateful for all the years I was fortunate enough to learn from her.

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